White marble kitchen in Beverly Hills

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“We wanted to renovate our kitchen because we were tired of the countertop we had and our cabinets had not aged well. Our previous countertop was made of a pretty basic lame green granite and we were looking for something white to fill the room with light (which, by the way, we combined with white cabinets and ended up being a jack pot). We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Stone Mart. They have done an amazing job throughout the process helping us find what we wanted and teaching us how to best care for it. The stone we ended up choosing was a marble called Calacatta Gold. We love our new kitchen!”

Ashley & Gary

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  1. Gildas says:

    I think it makes a huge difference when you have the mind set of livnig in a home for 20+ more years. I have designed my house for the next homeowner, which is sad, but I feel like it’s right for me since it’s our starter home.I am excited for the day when I design my home for ME! I’m glad you have had the opportunity to do just that.

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