Modern Marble Countertops

If you describe your style as sleek, elegant, and sophisticated, then you will love a modern marble countertop in your home. Whether you are renovating your bathroom or kitchen, you can rely on Stone Mart to have the perfect marble slab in Los Angeles to match your style. Take a look below for some of our favorite modern marble slabs.

Marble Slab Los Angeles







Monaco– Since this marble slab has a darker tone, it will look marvelous when it is paired with white cabinets for a crisp, clean look.

Marble Slab Los Angeles








Statuarietto– Imagine this marble slab resting on top of black cabinets. This pattern will stand out if the cabinets match the veins. With this unique combination, your kitchen will make a modern statement.

Marble Slab Los Angeles







Calacatta Carrara– One of the latest trends is to have an all-white kitchen. This includes the countertops and cabinets. The stainless steel appliances are a must to achieve the modern look. When you are going for a modern theme, you cannot go wrong with simplicity.

If you are not sold on any of these slabs, you can swing by our location to browse our marble slab collection. If you need directions to our showroom, you can call our office at (818) 765-4800 today.

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