Choosing the Right Stone for Kitchen Countertops

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natural stone supplier in California­­­Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or building one from scratch, there’s no doubt that your countertops will be a central part of the finished look. You may be intimidated by the large array of surface options available from a natural stone supplier in California, so we’re suggesting some of the most popular to help get you started.

Granite is the leading choice in countertops. It is available in a variety of shades such as blacks, whites, beiges, and corals. No two pieces of granite are exactly the same. You can choose to have a polished finish to result in a shiny look, while a honed finish will result in a softer, matte appearance for your countertops.

Whether it has a polished or honed finish, perhaps no other stone looks and feels more glamorous or elegant than marble. Marble is softer and more porous than granite. If you choose marble for your kitchen countertops, be sure to cook and entertain with care.

Epic Porcelain Slab
StoneMart has always been synonymous with quality materials, as well as offering careful and timely customer service. These aspects have led us to own Epic, a special and exclusive Porcelain slab that looks just like marble. While we are always in the pursuit of the great quality of our products, Epic goes even further beyond. The benefits are not only quality and logistics, as it is in fact possible to process this new material using the same machinery as natural stone, changing only the tools.

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